The STEM is one of my favorite class. I learn this class about 4 hours a week, it starts from 11:10 Am to 12:05 Pm until lunch. In this class, I do such as many things. I have learned so many things from this class. For this round in this class, I learn about matter, atom, Proton, Electron, Neutron, Isotope and more. We also have a chance to teach other students about the thing that I have to tell and I and my team have taught other students about Isotope. Before in this class I little bit sleepy, but now I feel happy with this class. In this class, I wonder things a lot. I have Wondered what is the smallest thing in the world and when I learn in this class my teacher told me that atom is the smallest thing and he also said there is a smaller thing that atom but scientist didn’t discover yet. In an atom, there is Proton, Neutron, and electron. Science always makes we wonder but now I have no wonder because my teacher will teach me about science 




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