A hard lesson

In stem I learn about Bonding. Teacher teach me that there are three type of bonding, Ionic, Covalent and Metallic. This time bonding is one of my hardest lesson in STEM. When I start learn about it I feel so street I alway said “ Why do I have to learn this ”. My classmate is really good at it I try to ask them everyday when I go into class. No matter how hard I try to ask people learn it myself I still don’t understand. You why because I don’t ask my teacher until one day I feel I really want to ask question to teacher “ Teacher I don’t understand about this article”

Teacher explain me again then I start to know a little bit then when i go home i ask my friend. After that every night I try to remember what my teacher have teach me today. So now this lesson I think it really hard for me to learn at all.

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