The STEM is one of my favorite class. I learn this class about 4 hours a week, it starts from 11:10 Am to 12:05 Pm until lunch. In this class, I do such as many things. I have learned so many things from this class. For this round in this class, I learn about matter, atom, Proton, Electron, Neutron, Isotope and more. We also have a chance to teach other students about the thing that I have to tell and I and my team have taught other students about Isotope. Before in this class I little bit sleepy, but now I feel happy with this class. In this class, I wonder things a lot. I have Wondered what is the smallest thing in the world and when I learn in this class my teacher told me that atom is the smallest thing and he also said there is a smaller thing that atom but scientist didn’t discover yet. In an atom, there is Proton, Neutron, and electron. Science always makes we wonder but now I have no wonder because my teacher will teach me about science 




Set Design for Community Theater

Name of the Theater :

Tos Merl Liger Travelling community theater

Tos Merl Mean Let’s watch 

In the exploration, we have a plan to create a moving mobile theater for the Cambodian community. I am happy to be a part of this exploration cause I can help people who are not able to watch TV cause after we create this moving mobile theater we will go and have a play for people who live there that don’t have TV access. I happy to see people in the rural area happy and smile. For the first few weeks, we were planning about how would our theater look like after that we would like to know how our theater doing to design like what are the things that we need in our theater where should we put the current and stuff like that. After we planning we have some group to design a prototype for our theater. Then we have 3 people who go and find some of the truck ideas for us to make the moving theater. When we finish the prototype and the price of the truck and we know that the price is really expensive so we decided to make a video for our crowdfunding to let people donate use money for us to buy the truck. the exploration, we also go to someplace to interview people in the rural area how did they feel about our moving mobile theater for our crowdfunding video. Also, we have made and plays and we perform there to let people live there to see and make them happy. So the place where we go is Tboung Khum and Kampong Cham.


For the first day, I go to Tboung Khum after I interview people my team finding the place in that village to perform a play so we have found it but after we finish setup there is a big rain and we take everything and put it under the house. 10 minute later the rain has stopped and the land is so wet and we think we can’t perform but we don’t give up we still want to perform and we come up with an idea, we will perform the plays inside the house. So then actor go to makeup and the rest are going set up the place to perform. I am an actor so I don’t see what have they done to set up the place to perform. When we perform we are so happy to see people and children smile, happy and laughing all together.

Before we plan to perform be think that there are not many people who will come to watch our plays, but then it more than what we think they’re so many children and old people who are come. The next day we go to Kampong Cham We try really hard to find the place to do the performance While we find the place to perform we also take some people from our team to do the interview about their feeling. We have faced lots of problems when we doing that. In the afternoon we still could not find the place to perform. After that, we come up with an idea that we will perform at Engtieng house after that we go and set up then some people go to invite people to come and watch our play. There are so many people who come then we are really to see people come. Then Friday we come back to our school. ( Detonation will make you success )

Computer Science/Multimedia

This class is rotated by week with STEM class. In this class, we learn a different subject by week some time we learn about research some time we learn about other things that relate to Computer science or Multimedia. In this round, I learn this class for 3 weeks already. For the first week I learned about research After my teacher teaches about it then we gonna find a topic and write some question. The second week my teacher teach me how to use photoshop InDesign and Lightroom. After that, my teacher told me to create a poster in Indesign about the topic that I have chosen in the first week

And this what I have made in my class :

English Literacy

English literacy is also my important class. I learn this class after lunch at 1:00 PM and end at 2:00 PM. In this class, I little sleepy because after lunch people in Cambodia always take a little break to sleep so that why I feel little sleepy. Also this class my teacher put a homework for a week like homework packet. Also for this round, I  have learned a lot of new words and the root word of it. We do a lot of activity in this class and also reading. We mostly read the article on Newsela. In this class, my teacher has put me in a partner and make a video about a famous person that you should put them in them Mausam and explain why we should pick him/her.