What is cell? Why is cell important? Where is cell? So basically this round in STEM class I learn about cell. Before I learned about cell I always wonder what does our body made of and now I know it’s made out of cells. While I learn this lesson it’s really hard to catch up and understand about this but I did try. If I don’t understand I would ask my friends or Google it myself. I have to be patient about it because sometimes it’s stressing me out and while I’m learning. I think I observed the change after learning about cell. I know how the cell work I could understand the relationship between me and the cell. One skill by learning about cell is to be patient because as I have said learn cell is stressed me out so now I know the result of me being patient to do something. Before, I’m not one of those people who are being patient of doing their work I that hard I would give up and my result was just a fail. After I learn how to patient I got a really good score of me doing a quiz about this lesson so everyone should be patient of doing something because it’s will always turn out good if you are being patient.