More Knowledge


This term is really fun. I learn about Photography. We learn how to take picture and make the picture look good when we take. ISO Aperture , Exposure, Shutter speed, it really fun because I like taking photo by myself so when I learn this lesson I can take a better photo. But struggle I still face it is don’t understand. Teacher also give me some activity to do in class they are take some picture with some lesson that teacher have teach like Leading line, frame, depth symmetry,  lead room/headroom, and more. Sometime I want to practice taking the picture with the skill, but no time.

Some picture that I have take

Leading Line
Rule of third



Indigenous Community

In this Exploration is talking about the indigenous people  in Cambodia and we are going

to create a book about them. I have been to two different provine to get the information in the book they are Kampong speu and ratanakiri, and in the book we include five different group they are Jarai, Kachok, Kreung, Souy, and Tumpong.We go to Kampong Speu for one day to get information for Souy and ratanak kiri we go there for four day to interview Jarai Kachok, Tumpong and Kreung.For the first day kampong Speu is fun because we meet people we don’t know and I feel that I’m not in the other world because I never meet them before. When we interview everyone have different topic for me my topic is about art, I and my other member we dived into the sub topic like Instrument, Dance, song , Clothes, and more. When interview I do it alone for some people because I partner he has to document the trip so he not with me every much so I have to do alone for sometime. People there are kind of shy to us because they don’t me and my friends. After we interview we take a picture with them. Then we plan to go back to school, but still have time so we decide to go to hot spring. After that we came back to school.

On the way we don’t speak much everyone is so tried so they fall a sleep, But when teacher get out of the car to go to his house everyone don’t sleep any more, we play lot and speak every much and also loud. When we arrive school we go to our own house. And about a week later we went to Ratanak Kiri. We spent the whole day on the bus.We arrive guest house about 9 PM. On the 2 scene day we go to Kachok in interview people there people there are so friendly to us.After we interview Kachok we go to tumpoung to interview some people there. In the afternoon we go to Yeak Laom Lake. And the third day we go to to Jarai and Kreung. The the fourth day become back to school. On the trip we do many thing and it so fun.After we gone to trip we start working on the book after that we have sharation. Unfortunately we can’t finish the book but we  finish only souy book.

Men Poung ” Pants “



A hard lesson

In stem I learn about Bonding. Teacher teach me that there are three type of bonding, Ionic, Covalent and Metallic. This time bonding is one of my hardest lesson in STEM. When I start learn about it I feel so street I alway said “ Why do I have to learn this ”. My classmate is really good at it I try to ask them everyday when I go into class. No matter how hard I try to ask people learn it myself I still don’t understand. You why because I don’t ask my teacher until one day I feel I really want to ask question to teacher “ Teacher I don’t understand about this article”

Teacher explain me again then I start to know a little bit then when i go home i ask my friend. After that every night I try to remember what my teacher have teach me today. So now this lesson I think it really hard for me to learn at all.