Math round 5

This round is the last of the year I learn a lot of thing such as Speed, rate, Graph, etc… I have done some of the Cellarbrations of Knowledge which mean test. Because this is the last round of the years in class I review a lot of work since last round. I practice some Speed problem, rate problem and more. I also finish my 5B workbook and I think that next year I will learn 6A book. I found out that this round is really challenging round because I never learn algebra before and this is the first time I learn algebra it was really stressed to me but it’s fun. I think that math is really important to the world so everyone should learn more math.

  1. Harry eat 4 different chocolate bars it costs $14 altogether. The first bar cost $5 and the second bar cost $y and the fourth chocolate cost $4. Find the cost of the third chocolate bar
  2. We’re given an equation of y = x – 2. Fill out the table for values of x:


x y (x,y)
-4 -6 (-4,-6)
-2 -4  
0 -2  
2 0  
4 2  
6 4  

Multimedia round 5

In this round, I am doing independent and the topic that I am leaning is Photoshop.  since I have learned about photoshop once I found out that it is really interesting, also I don’t really know much about photoshop so I want to learn some basic skills about photoshop and it looks really fun to me. I learn the skill in youtube and when I first started I don’t even know where to start and I ask my friend for help and while I’m doing it  I have some struggle like the version of the Photoshop in the youtube and in mine is different and some function the youtube has but I don’t. Sometimes I almost give up on my work I was like “I’m done I don’t want to do this anymore, Let’s change the topic”, but then I was thinking that my friends can do it why I can’t, then I start to do it again and again. While I’m doing this project it’s really fun. I can play around with the pictures and try something new. After I have done my work I was like I have done and what should I do next and I decided to play around with other projects like trying to draw on photoshop, text design in photoshop, but none of them work because I don’t know where should I start.


  • two pictures combine with each other


Math class this round we do 3 books at the same time which is 5B, 6A, and 6B. I learn about Angle, Percentage, etc.. We do some teamwork in the workbook every week I have homework at due every Monday. Sometimes if we have done assignment early we have khan to do. I think that math is really important for young children and everyone to learn because if we don’t know how to calculation stuff there might be people who cheat us about money and I can say every job we do need calculation.


I learn a lot in STEM class this round I learn about motion. I have made a car race in STEM and it related to motion. I learn what is motion etc.  Also after that, I race the car that I build with my teammate. After I race it My team car got 1st place. learn STEM is so difficult. I have to focus all the time and make sure it right if not the project that I do will go wrong. I also learn about force a little bit. I think that I improve a lot of thing by just learning STEM. My teamwork skill also improves a lot too because be do a lot of teamwork.

Technology/Multimedia (Round4)

This round I learn a lot of things. I notice that I have improved a lot on coding before I never know about coding. I have a lot of problems that I face while learning about it. The error is one thing that I really stress about it. It hard for me to find where have I done wrong, sometimes they tell us is wrong but it still because sometimes it error on other place but they show me a different one.  another is forgotten things because python has a lot of things to remember that I need to remember. Somehow when I have struggled I always ask my facilitator.  I know that learn this lesson is so hard for me to learn but I’ll try my best to learn more about it. Coding/Programming is my passion.

Also, I have done a project call turtle race it a race that we code and let the turtle race. I would share my project with you. Learn something that we never learn before it takes time to learn about it so don’t give up try your best to achieve the goal.

Link to my project:


English Literacy/#3

Well this round I think everything is fine I learn more than the old class that i have learn, because my teacher and other facilitator have change everyone class to learn with other people they mix us with other class and that make me feel not boring and not sleepy I learn from 11:10 to 12:05. In round we mostly focus about Where I’m from and We have write a poem about us also, we have done some reading on Commonlit, Books and more. For reading our facilitator tell use to pick a book to read on the table that she have out for us and we pick for me I pick Wonder Book. Everyday we will read at least  20 pages and every friday we will have a discussion in team who have read wonder. Reading is not really my passion but I want to try so I decide to choose Wonder for me to read.


This round we start a new book we start 5B book. Everyday we still doing the same thing as what we did before learn about math and this round we focus on Decimal but, we just changing the class time for everyone but some people is not they got to learn in the same hour as they did but for me only one class i don’t change is math. We do a lot of thing more than we did, one special thing we learn is binary code.I love math class.



STEM this round is more fun than I think it go really well because I  got to learn in the different hour. Also teacher have organize how can we  learn faster he would do, Monday is a boring day because we spend whole class on reading and finding question, Tuesday we have a discussion day we discussion about the question that we have on Monday, Wednesday we don’t learn STEM, Thursday is a activity day we do some activity about the lesson, and friday is a quiz day or a test day to test our knowledge. So this round I learn about Carbon Chemistry. Here is some little think I want to share about Carbon:


All living thing Contain carbon.

Carbon Dioxide and methane are Known as greenhouse gases.  


Multimedia this round is so fun I learn about Python, Python is a type of programming sometimes I spend time on python to review my work. Every week my teacher would put an assignment for me to complete. Sometimes I don’t understand I just want to stop learn but I ever give up about this I always try to reach my goals I don’t know why I love Python.

ពិធីបុណ្យអ៊ុំទូក/ round 2

ថ្នាក់ខ្មែរជាថ្នាក់មួយដែលសំខាន់ក្នុងខែនេះខ្ញុំបានរៀនទាក់ទងនឹងពិធីបុណ្យអ៊ុំទូក បុណ្យកឋិនដែលជាពិធីបុណ្យប្រពៃណីខ្មែរលោកគ្រូបានឲ្យពួកយើងស្រាវជ្រាវពីពិធីបុណ្យអ៊ុំទូកនិង បុណ្យកឋិន រួចហើយធ្វើបទបង្ហាញ។ វាពិតជាសប្បាយណាស់ព្រោះថាខ្ញុំបានរៀនពីពិធីទាំងនេះ ខ្ញុំមិនដែលដឹងពីរឿងទាំងអស់ពីមុនមកឡើយ។

ពិធីបុណ្យអ៊ុំទូក ១

ពិធីបុណ្យកឋិន ១

ពិធីបុណ្យអ៊ុំទូក ២