Human Story Life

Nothing more interesting than people life. Everyone has a different lifestyle. We can not just look by their apparent and tell whether they have a wonderful life or a sad life. Until now we can’t even know how people life could be. Changing Cambodia is the hardest thing, but asking people about their past life even harder. Sometimes people don’t feel good about telling their story life with people they don’t know. Instant if we asking them in a friendly way they might give us some of their interesting story life. Many people are wonder about other people life. Some people looking at other people appearance and how they act every day they would think that they might have a wonderful experience but sometimes it not true they might have a sad life until they get a wonderful life, but we’ll never know about them until we ask. In Cambodia, most people have a sad life because in the past 40 years most people live during Khmer Rouge. Sometimes people compare their life with other people life. Even though some people are poor but they still have a happen moment in their life too.  

In the Exploration round 4 I have learned about Human of Cambodia this is inspired by Humans of New york, where we are interview people about their story life and that is not easy for us. I want other people to know about other people story life and see the difference or the same thing about their life and other people life.  When we interview people life sometimes they refused to share but we doing our best to make them share some experience or some moment in their life. I don’t mind with people even they are poor I still want to interview them. When I listen to people story life sometimes I almost cry and I even want to show them that I was listening to their story and it is interesting. 

Most people get discrimination because of their life, but people that discriminate them having learned much about them yet. So I encourage you! Yourself to learn more about other people life before you discriminate them.  One last thing is that though out the year I have shared other people about other people story life and so did you if you had done one it’s fine but I encourage to share more but not their personal story that they don’t want to know other than you and if you did not done one yet this is the challenge I put for you to share. If you don’t know who to share with I’m happy for your share. Go and check other people story here.



Wow!! It was surprised for me to know that people think that women or girl and men or boy are not equal, they think women always weak not like a man or boy they are strong. What do you think women and men are equal or not? If you think not that ok, cause people always have different opinions. So now  I just want to explain to people about this you know what people said women are not strong, Fast to cry, girl should not go to school. When I hear this thing I almost cry but I’m not going to cry cause I want to show people that women or girl are strong. I don’t want people to say women or girl are weak again. If you think that women are not equal please I suggest you change your opinion. There is one of Khmer story called “Phnom Bros Phnom Srey”. This story talks about women who are smart and can build a bigger mountain than the men. If it only a prediction story it also shows that women are strong and smarter and men. And you know what? A lot of boys are not going to school they just go to the club or doing something bad that other people don’t like with their friends. In my school, we have many things that relate to Gender such as an exploration called Gender Equity, MUN (Model United Nations), Debate.

Two of those things I have join there are MUN and Debate. All of those I am doing it in Khmer. During Debate we try to talk something that Women and men are equal. MUN is talking about a solution that can help women to get an equality Gender. Also, I have learned about women who fight for education for the girl, Which is Malala, For me, Malala is really good for me cause she has lots of determination.