What is cell? Why is cell important? Where is cell? So basically this round in STEM class I learn about cell. Before I learned about cell I always wonder what does our body made of and now I know it’s made out of cells. While I learn this lesson it’s really hard to catch up and understand about this but I did try. If I don’t understand I would ask my friends or Google it myself. I have to be patient about it because sometimes it’s stressing me out and while I’m learning. I think I observed the change after learning about cell. I know how the cell work I could understand the relationship between me and the cell. One skill by learning about cell is to be patient because as I have said learn cell is stressed me out so now I know the result of me being patient to do something. Before, I’m not one of those people who are being patient of doing their work I that hard I would give up and my result was just a fail. After I learn how to patient I got a really good score of me doing a quiz about this lesson so everyone should be patient of doing something because it’s will always turn out good if you are being patient. 

Having you own Household garden

Have you ever thought that there are so many Chemical vegetables in Cambodia?Well, I think it a yes because almost all farmers use Chemical for their Vegetable to grow faster even though they know that it’s really bad for people’s health, they don’t care!, They don’t care about that, the only thing they care about is them getting a lot of money or not. I know this is not a speech for whoever is reading this but I just want to tell you that using Chemical is bad and please care about other people’s health. 


Household Garden is an Exploration where I learn about Vegetables that we can grow in each house. What do I want from this Exploration?. All I want is everyone has their own small garden in front of their house. During this exploration I went to two different types of farm one is an Organic farm in Takeo and another is Chemical farm in Saang. During the trip to Chemical farm in Saang I learn many reasons why people keep using Chemical for their vegetables, one interesting thing I learned was one of the farmers that use Chemical said “ Some people ​​can tell whether it Chemical or not, but now farmers that use Chemical know a way that they can make the vegetables unnoticeable weather it uses Chemical”, There is a farmer that I interview and he said “In the future, I don’t think people will stop using Chemical”, from this sentence I notice that Chemical is now having a really big impact to farmers that make them want to use more and more even if they know it is bad. The Organic farm people taught me how to make Compost for the vegetables and they taught me how to grow vegetables in a better way. I think people in the Chemical farm don’t know much about Organic Fertilizer because when I ask them something that related to Organic they only talk about putting cow dung to their land. 


After all, I want everyone to use Organic Fertilizer for their vegetables. If you care about your eating Chemical vegetables and affect your health but at least care about others. I know that growing vegetables are really hard to grow essentially but please try. I recommend everyone to have their small garden in front of their house because I think in the future we will end up buying only Chemical vegetables in the market and if you have your household you don’t need to care about eating Chemical vegetables. Unless you use Chemical Fertilizer for it. 

Human Story Life

Nothing more interesting than people life. Everyone has a different lifestyle. We can not just look by their apparent and tell whether they have a wonderful life or a sad life. Until now we can’t even know how people life could be. Changing Cambodia is the hardest thing, but asking people about their past life even harder. Sometimes people don’t feel good about telling their story life with people they don’t know. Instant if we asking them in a friendly way they might give us some of their interesting story life. Many people are wonder about other people life. Some people looking at other people appearance and how they act every day they would think that they might have a wonderful experience but sometimes it not true they might have a sad life until they get a wonderful life, but we’ll never know about them until we ask. In Cambodia, most people have a sad life because in the past 40 years most people live during Khmer Rouge. Sometimes people compare their life with other people life. Even though some people are poor but they still have a happen moment in their life too.  

In the Exploration round 4 I have learned about Human of Cambodia this is inspired by Humans of New york, where we are interview people about their story life and that is not easy for us. I want other people to know about other people story life and see the difference or the same thing about their life and other people life.  When we interview people life sometimes they refused to share but we doing our best to make them share some experience or some moment in their life. I don’t mind with people even they are poor I still want to interview them. When I listen to people story life sometimes I almost cry and I even want to show them that I was listening to their story and it is interesting. 

Most people get discrimination because of their life, but people that discriminate them having learned much about them yet. So I encourage you! Yourself to learn more about other people life before you discriminate them.  One last thing is that though out the year I have shared other people about other people story life and so did you if you had done one it’s fine but I encourage to share more but not their personal story that they don’t want to know other than you and if you did not done one yet this is the challenge I put for you to share. If you don’t know who to share with I’m happy for your share. Go and check other people story here.

Exploration round 5

In this 7 weeks project, I have learned about Filming and Acting. This project my facilitators come from LA and I have two facilitators. For the first week, I get to know them clearly. After the first week, I got to learn about Filming for two weeks then I switch to learn more about acting and after I learned all about this basic thing, people in my project start to create a film. Acting is fun but sometimes it’s really stressful, we have to memorize the line for our play, practice and practice a lot.  I have made a photo-roman it’s a video that has no speaking and it has to be 2 to 3 minutes and tell a story. Take a look at our film.

Math round 5

This round is the last of the year I learn a lot of thing such as Speed, rate, Graph, etc… I have done some of the Cellarbrations of Knowledge which mean test. Because this is the last round of the years in class I review a lot of work since last round. I practice some Speed problem, rate problem and more. I also finish my 5B workbook and I think that next year I will learn 6A book. I found out that this round is really challenging round because I never learn algebra before and this is the first time I learn algebra it was really stressed to me but it’s fun. I think that math is really important to the world so everyone should learn more math.

  1. Harry eat 4 different chocolate bars it costs $14 altogether. The first bar cost $5 and the second bar cost $y and the fourth chocolate cost $4. Find the cost of the third chocolate bar
  2. We’re given an equation of y = x – 2. Fill out the table for values of x:


x y (x,y)
-4 -6 (-4,-6)
-2 -4  
0 -2  
2 0  
4 2  
6 4  

English Literacy round 5

What’s a busy round! This round in English literacy class it’s really busy I have to take WIDIA test, HICC(How I change Cambodia) Essay, How to essay, Novel study where I read a book and share it to my classmate. Even though I have a lot of work to be done, but it’s still fun for me, I get to learn a lot of new things. WIDA test is one of the biggest school tests during the year. This round I don’t really know when I will take WIDA speaking test because I saw facilitator taking my friend to do WIDA test and I was thinking when will I take WIDA. Before I know the time I’m going to do WIDA test I was going to another class and at 8 until 10 AM I don’t even open my Computer and when I arrive at my new class and I sit around 30 minutes then I open my computer and I saw an invitation for me to go to the WIDA test at 10 AM, but the time I was checking my email is 10:30 am already and I was like “What’s should I do?”, then my friend tells me to and it will be fine. Then I go and do WIDA and when I step inside the room I was so nervous and my hands are shaking. HICC is an essay that I have to write what have I done to changed Cambodia in this years and I wrote about HOC(Humans of Cambodia) Check it here. How to essay I continue from last round which I write about How to happen when you are angry at a friend. Novel Study is that my facilitator lets me choose a book and read it for this round and I have to share something about the book at the end of the round.A few weeks after I got my WIDA, and I did not realize that I did it.

Multimedia round 5

In this round, I am doing independent and the topic that I am leaning is Photoshop.  since I have learned about photoshop once I found out that it is really interesting, also I don’t really know much about photoshop so I want to learn some basic skills about photoshop and it looks really fun to me. I learn the skill in youtube and when I first started I don’t even know where to start and I ask my friend for help and while I’m doing it  I have some struggle like the version of the Photoshop in the youtube and in mine is different and some function the youtube has but I don’t. Sometimes I almost give up on my work I was like “I’m done I don’t want to do this anymore, Let’s change the topic”, but then I was thinking that my friends can do it why I can’t, then I start to do it again and again. While I’m doing this project it’s really fun. I can play around with the pictures and try something new. After I have done my work I was like I have done and what should I do next and I decided to play around with other projects like trying to draw on photoshop, text design in photoshop, but none of them work because I don’t know where should I start.


  • two pictures combine with each other

HOC Humans Of Cambodia

Humans of Cambodia is an exploration that we go and gather the story life of people in Cambodia even the foreigner that lives in Cambodia. This is the project is inspired by Humans of New York. Everyone in Cambodia has different life story Some stories are happy and some can be sad, and some can be really emotional. In this exploration We have taken two life story to share on Sharation day but, we share in a different way we share it by changing the story to a dance move. The rest of the story we got we have put it in the blog. I’m one of the performance team. It really challenges me because I never have done a dancing performance, also I have a really small amount of time to practice. Teamwork is one problem that I usually face. Sometimes one member one to do this way and other one other way so it hard for me. Communication is also hard because our team a small number of people but, we don’t really talk to each other because sometimes we angry at each other, But somehow we still achieve our goal. Check HOC Blog



Math class this round we do 3 books at the same time which is 5B, 6A, and 6B. I learn about Angle, Percentage, etc.. We do some teamwork in the workbook every week I have homework at due every Monday. Sometimes if we have done assignment early we have khan to do. I think that math is really important for young children and everyone to learn because if we don’t know how to calculation stuff there might be people who cheat us about money and I can say every job we do need calculation.


I learn a lot in STEM class this round I learn about motion. I have made a car race in STEM and it related to motion. I learn what is motion etc.  Also after that, I race the car that I build with my teammate. After I race it My team car got 1st place. learn STEM is so difficult. I have to focus all the time and make sure it right if not the project that I do will go wrong. I also learn about force a little bit. I think that I improve a lot of thing by just learning STEM. My teamwork skill also improves a lot too because be do a lot of teamwork.