What is cell? Why is cell important? Where is cell? So basically this round in STEM class I learn about cell. Before I learned about cell I always wonder what does our body made of and now I know it’s made out of cells. While I learn this lesson it’s really hard to catch up and understand about this but I did try. If I don’t understand I would ask my friends or Google it myself. I have to be patient about it because sometimes it’s stressing me out and while I’m learning. I think I observed the change after learning about cell. I know how the cell work I could understand the relationship between me and the cell. One skill by learning about cell is to be patient because as I have said learn cell is stressed me out so now I know the result of me being patient to do something. Before, I’m not one of those people who are being patient of doing their work I that hard I would give up and my result was just a fail. After I learn how to patient I got a really good score of me doing a quiz about this lesson so everyone should be patient of doing something because it’s will always turn out good if you are being patient. 

Having you own Household garden

Have you ever thought that there are so many Chemical vegetables in Cambodia?Well, I think it a yes because almost all farmers use Chemical for their Vegetable to grow faster even though they know that it’s really bad for people’s health, they don’t care!, They don’t care about that, the only thing they care about is them getting a lot of money or not. I know this is not a speech for whoever is reading this but I just want to tell you that using Chemical is bad and please care about other people’s health. 


Household Garden is an Exploration where I learn about Vegetables that we can grow in each house. What do I want from this Exploration?. All I want is everyone has their own small garden in front of their house. During this exploration I went to two different types of farm one is an Organic farm in Takeo and another is Chemical farm in Saang. During the trip to Chemical farm in Saang I learn many reasons why people keep using Chemical for their vegetables, one interesting thing I learned was one of the farmers that use Chemical said “ Some people ​​can tell whether it Chemical or not, but now farmers that use Chemical know a way that they can make the vegetables unnoticeable weather it uses Chemical”, There is a farmer that I interview and he said “In the future, I don’t think people will stop using Chemical”, from this sentence I notice that Chemical is now having a really big impact to farmers that make them want to use more and more even if they know it is bad. The Organic farm people taught me how to make Compost for the vegetables and they taught me how to grow vegetables in a better way. I think people in the Chemical farm don’t know much about Organic Fertilizer because when I ask them something that related to Organic they only talk about putting cow dung to their land. 


After all, I want everyone to use Organic Fertilizer for their vegetables. If you care about your eating Chemical vegetables and affect your health but at least care about others. I know that growing vegetables are really hard to grow essentially but please try. I recommend everyone to have their small garden in front of their house because I think in the future we will end up buying only Chemical vegetables in the market and if you have your household you don’t need to care about eating Chemical vegetables. Unless you use Chemical Fertilizer for it.